BIBS Size 1 | 0-6 months | + more colours


BIBS Size 1 | 0-6 months | + more colours

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Introducing Singular BIBS Dummies in Size 1 recommended for ages 0-6 months. 100% BPA free and made from natural rubber. This classic retro dummy is rounded in shape.


  • Prior to use please sterilise your dummy with boiling water and leave to cool down, please ensure hot water is squeezed out of the Baglet/nipple before you give it to your little one.
  • Never use washing up liquid to clean your child’s dummy.
  • Never use your dummy to administer medication.
  • Frequently check the dummy for damage. Please refrain from using a damaged dummy.
  • Dummies’ should be replaced every 6 weeks for hygiene reasons.
  • Store in a dry, closed container.

WARNING! Dummies should be immediately replaced if any of the following occur:

  • Changes in the shape of the baglet/nipple i.e. cracks, holes, bite marks as this can lead to defects and risk of suffocation.
  • Every time you offer your child the dummy, it must be checked thoroughly. This is done by pulling the nipple in all directions.
  • Exposure to extremely high temperatures or direct sunlight, can cause the baglet/nipple to degrade.
  • In special cases latex dummies can cause an allergic reaction.
  • The shape of the dummy ensures it can’t be swallowed, 3 air holes are there for this reason also. If the dummy does get wedged in your child’s mouth remove it as gently as possible. A safety ring is fitted for this reason.
  • All bibs dummies comply with European standard: EN 1400+A1.